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FAQs for in online classes

What is the Artist Forum?
The Artist Forum is a space where you can talk art with fellow students/artists and ask questions related to what you are learning in the HAA online courses. You can also post your assignments and artwork, and students are encouraged to give each other feedback and advice.

Chapmans monthly live class will be on a different topic each month, where he will be demonstrating. Students will have the opportunity to participate with questions during the live class.

These courses are set up for both beginners and advanced students alike. Chapman starts with the basics, introducing topics slowly and breaking down his process step-by-step. So if you have no experience, don’t worry. There are also a variety of courses, some of which students as young as 7 years old can enjoy. The courses being released will continue to grow in expertise and technique, creating courses that will challenge advanced students as well.

In the Premium membership, students will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on each others work in the artist forum. In the Pro membership, students will have the opportunity to have their work critiqued by Chapman in the monthly group coaching call.

Yes. Courses will continue to be released as Chapman films them.
Each course is on a specific topic, for example, Watercolor Fundamentals. Within that course, there will be several lessons related to that topic. Such lessons will include things like materials, mark-making, and then a variety of techniques and concepts, with in depth instruction.
The video length varies based on the lessons. Some of the video lessons are shorter when they are introducing a topic or going over materials, and may be around only five to ten minutes. Some video lessons are more in-depth and are up to an hour or two. Each course will include several lessons.
Yes! You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership to HAA online anytime from your account page.

FAQs for in person classes & workshops

Where are the classes located?
The outdoor studio is located near Sowers Middle School and Edison High School. Address will be emailed to students after registering.

Charter FAQs

What if my charter is not on the approved vendor list?
Submit a request to your educational specialist so I can apply to become an approved materials provider (for online academy) or vendor (for in-person classes) with them.
Some charters (like Cabrillo Point Academy) allow students to use their funds for the registration fee. If you would like to use your funds for the registration fee (and your charter allows it), submit a PO for the registration fee and email me the PO. Then I will give you a discount code to use at checkout which will make the class free.
Yes. You can order your art materials through your charter.